About FTS

Built up on, January 15, 1989, under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act of 1961, Friends of Tribal Society (FTS) is a non-government social administration, devoted to the reason for tribal and provincial upliftment. Established by a gathering of famous social activists, the aphorism of FTS is not just to enhance the financial state of the tribal society, additionally to free them from the grip of hardship that have for so since a long time ago prevented the advance of the whole group.


The originators immovably trusted that until and unless our Vanavasi brethren were taken back to the success, India could not set up itself as a genuine superpower. Throughout the previous two decades, FTS has taken after an approach of spreading education, giving medicinal services, different projects for their monetary improvement and socio-cultural advancement.

Monetary and political misuse and disavowal of the exceptionally fundamental civilities of life for long have left the entire tribal society crippled and defenseless. Since its origin, FTS has focused on the significance of training to realize any change or advancement. "Education" engages individuals, builds up a feeling of certainty and organization among them and gives them the mettle to oppose exploitation. To accomplish the primary aim of eradicating illiteracy, the Friends of Tribal Society began an extraordinary venture One Teacher School (OTS) in 1989 in the rustic and tribal ranges of Gumla area of Jharkhand. This venture is in no time working in 46966 towns, through 46966 schools by FTS and its sister associations and an aggregate number of around 13,35,078 tribal youngsters are secured by the venture as on December 2012.

Alternate regions on which the organization focuses are:

Overall, the organization is committed towards the improvement and upliftment of the tribal individuals across the country.

Foreign Contribution

Add up to foreign commitment got amid the year finished 31-03-2013 from One Teacher School of India was Rs.7,60,92,761/ –