Jabalpur Chapter

Friends of Tribals Society

  • Inauguration Date : 09.10.2004
  • CPP/Contact Person : SRI BRIJESH USRETHE
  • Address of the Chapter : ASAWA FLOOR MILL 1202 MADANMAH, NAGPUR ROAD JABALPUR Madhya Pradesh 482001
  • Contact Number : 0761-2425970
  • Mobile : 8357801090
  • Email : ftsjabalpur@gmail.com

Jabalpur is the oldest chapter of FTS in Madhya Pradesh They are funding 240 OTS in Madhya Pradesh They organised a programme at Shaheed Smarak to commemorate the facrifice of the soldiers for the country They also organised seven Vanyatras during the year On March 22 2016 the chapter organised Holy Milan Utsav