Ekal’s Response And Initiatives To Prevent Spread Of COVID-19

Ekal's Response And Initiatives To Prevent Spread Of COVID-19

Ekal’s fight against Covid – 19

  • Message from Shri Bajrang Bagra
    Chairman, Central Executive Committee

    Bharat, as a nation, has faced the Covid 19 Corona pandemic with a resolute unity, dedication and sense of sacrifice and service. The strong and clear vision leadership by the Government induced mobilization of the civic organizations and individuals too. Ekal responded swiftly in the geographies of its functioning and served the communities in various ways, effectively. We have been sharing the Ekal contribution through special bulletins of Ekal News, the e-newsletter of Ekal. Now that things have stabilized and lockdown relaxed all over the country, we would conclude these bulletins, this being the last in the series. Here is a snapshot of bouquet of Ekal services during the pandemic challenge:

    • Mobilization in cities within a few days of start of lockdown to serve needy people who lost their livelihood, with supplying food packets and ration packs in 31 cities
    • Joining hands with other service organizations wherever was necessary, like working together with Seva Bharti in cities where volunteer base of Ekal was not wide enough
    • Converting tailoring training centers into manufacturing units of face masks and mobilizing hundreds of trained girls, providing them livelihood continuously for 3 months
    • Working in close coordination with local administration for identifying eligibility for free distribution of face mask, with priority accorded to Corona warriors like staff of health, police, forest, panchayat and cooperative departments
    • Spreading awareness in about one lakh villages for use of Ayush recommended Ayurvedic Kadha and Yoga to boost immunity so as to keep Corona infection at bay. The Ekal school teachers and volunteers were diverted from routine activities for the purpose
    • Guarding entry points of villages to ensure pre-entry test of all new entrants particularly the migrant workers returned from red zones of cities and industrial hubs and supporting quarantining. Such round the clock vigil helped the administration immensely who did not have manpower in remote areas to enforce such checks.
    • As a combined result of all above measures, the incidence of Corona has been negligible in Ekal villages
    • Several Gaushalas were supported by Ekal volunteers with continued supply of fodder for cows when lockdown disrupted the logistics
    • Greeted and honored front line Corona warriors in specially organized functions
    • Blood donations camps organized
    • Several people from Ekal villages stranded in various cities – workers, travelers and students – who escaped such relief support from any source, were supported with food and other support and getting information through Ekal network

    Now that urgent and critical relief works have come to an end, the distribution of face masks only would continue for this has been found to be a continuing need yet for a long time. We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to all volunteers, donors and fellow service organizations for their trust and confidence posed in Ekal and its volunteers. Together we have faced the challenge and will defeat Corona with continued grit and discipline.

  • Food packets distributed: 23,74,877 persons
  • Ration Packets distributed: 5,81,424 families
  • Cow feeding: 2,03,074 cows and 33 trucks fodder
  • Face Masks distributed: 24,23,252 (508,767 face masks produced but yet to be distributed)
  • Distribution of Hand wash soaps – 49,156
  • Distribution of Herbal Sanitizer- 75,000  persons
  • Distribution of PPE kit – 500
  • Distribution of hand gloves – 500
  • Distribution of Awareness Pamphlet- 49,156

Corona Pandemic disaster, converted into opportunity
By Shri Madhavendra Singh
National Coordinator Ekal Abhiyan, General Secretary (CEC)

31 years ago, our service started on the Makara Sankranti of 1989, as ‘Ekal Vidyalaya Yojana’ with a view to arouse interest in education. But today as ‘Ekal Abhiyan’, by combining several schemes together, the organizational system is spread over 3.5 lakh villages in the country and several chapter offices in many countries outside India. The unexpected corona pandemic just after the completion of Ekal’s ambitious program “Parivartan Kumbh”, made Ekal create a system to control its spread in Indian villages. The system is certainly incredible. Through ‘Vichar Kranti Yojana’, as per the directions of the founding member of the organization Ma. Shyamji Gupta, we created 417,164 Gram Sainiks (Village warriors) in the villages and 69,108 Sanch Mitra (Cluster friends) in the towns in the social media. With the support of this network, firm adherence of all the rules made by the Government of India to protect the corona was implemented in every Ekal and its nearby village. With the whole-hearted support of urban families, latest updates and information were regularly provided to the villagers. With the same network, we got unprecedented help in protecting the villagers from this pandemic.  During the lockdown period, many dormant and former karyakarta also became active throughout the day in the Vichar Kranti Yojana of the Abhiyan, by staying at their village. The implementation of the Government’s welfare schemes in providing employment in the villages to the migrant laborers after the lockdown, was made possible through this network. We could make Self Reliant India slogan meaningful by successfully organizing the Swadeshi movement against China. In this situation we can proudly say that we succeeded in turning a disaster like the Corona pandemic, into a special opportunity.